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A single rose, bronze plaque, a simple cremation stone or...

...a Memorial designed for the new Millennium?

There used to be very little choice but now there is, thanks to the innovation of one creative individual.

Motivated by the total lack of provision and limited choice of items permitted within the regulations for Cremation Memorials, Stephen P. Richardson, a Memorials Designer and Master Stone Mason of many years experience, has painstakingly designed and Patented a completely new concept - Home and Garden Memorials.

These new designs were conceived to offer a truly viable alternative to the more conventional concepts, and in doing so take Cremation Memorials into the 21st Century.

By the very discreet choice of design and lack of inscription, any of these memorials would not look out of place in the average home or garden - the aesthetic appearance masking their true function.

Portability was also a major consideration. These designs allow the owner to move home at any time, taking the memorial with them, thus alleviating the fear of having to leave a loved one's memorial unattended in some distant cemetery or church yard to fall into disrepair.

All memorials are hand crafted in the traditional way in a range of marbles or granites from various quarries throughout the world.

Every memorial has been designed in such a way that by adjusting the proportions without affecting the overall appearance, a number of cremation containers can be interred within.

The process of purchasing a loved one's memorial has now been simplified. Order the design of your choice, pick it up from your nearest depot or have it delivered and erected for you.


Winter, spring, summer or autumn, irrespective of the season, quarrying continues all year round ensuring a reliable supply of marble. The huge blocks of marble are then prepared for the next stage of production.

A mason at work on the lathe; as with all Lily Home and Gardens products, the tradition of hand crafted marble and granite is being preserved. His skill, combined with that of the sculptor, will never be surmounted.


After being brought down from the quarry by road, the marble is then cut to size on a frame saw. This machine has up to 60 blades of 4 metres in overall length which are set to cut the material to the various thicknesses required.

Sculptors at work in the studio, exhibiting the hand skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. Any figurine or other sculpted work can be produced to compliment our range of products.